Join International Spiritual Medium Dominic Boag, As He Brings His Mentorship Program To Aberdeen

This intimate mediumship intense training course was developed by Dominic to help other working mediums enhance and enrich their own mediumship gifts. Dominic has a wealth of knowledge about mediumship and understanding of how the spirit world works with his 14 years working along side them. This course will give you the perfect surroundings with like minded friends and would be the perfect unique opportunity for you have to one on one tutoring throughout the year with Dominic, as he shares his very own unique techniques and exercises that he uses to help keep his mediumship fresh and pushing the boundaries between mediums and the spirit.

Mentorship Dates

March 14th & 15th
April - 11th & 12th
July 4th & 5th
August 15th & 16th
October 24th & 25th
November 14th & 15th