30 Minute Reading – Wednesday 10th of February

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30 Minute Reading You Can Have Your Choice Of:

A Mediumship Reading allows me to connect to your loved ones to bring forward information and evidence that will bring you comfort knowing that they who you love are still walking with you through this life.

Within this reading I will ask your loved one to give you information that will show you that they are watching over you and the family. I will act as the voice for your loved ones, allowing you and them to have a conversation that will make you feel like they are in the room with you.

I have been knowing to express information in the characteristic and mannerisms of the spirits, some say it is just like a phone call with my loved one.

My passion is healing hearts and reuniting families through mediumship.

A Psychic Reading allows me to gain insight into areas in your life where you are needing guidance, these can be:

  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Work & Career
  • Personal Development and growth

Within your reading i will use my intuition tarot & oracle cards to help answer any questions from your past to your present life and to the potential future. This reading is all about YOU and your life, helping you to understand and gain a clearer picture of those areas that seem foggy.

We can all feel a little lost sometimes and a psychic reading can help you get back on track.

At the end of your reading you will be able to ask Dominic any question if he hasn’t answered them already throughout your reading.

* I ask that the client ensures there is no disruption during the 30 minute session. I recommend sitting in a quiet room no television on and no distraction*

Readings Are Available Via Telephone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime

Please Note Times Stated Above Are UK Time Zone (GMT)


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