The Living Spirit – Edinburgh


The Living Spirit Workshop


Dominic Boag

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


Join Dominic for this 2-day course where he will help you truly bring the Spirits alive through mediumship.

With Dominic’s wealth of experience in connecting to the Spirit, he has developed very unique exercises that will help you as a medium bring forward more detailed evidence specific to your Spirit communicator’s life.

Dominic believes it is important as a medium to remember that Spirits lived a physical life, and they have an opportunity to express that life with their loved ones with the help of a medium. This can hold such great memories shared with spirit and their loved one that can truly help heal. During this workshop, we will look at the conversations between medium and Spirit.

Dominic will help you understand in your own mediumship and how Spirit are working with you. We will Look at the evidence that shows your clients their loved ones are still living as part of their present life.

“I feel we should look at mediumship and spirit communication with a wider perspective. Mediumship is not just about giving information about the Spirit’s past we should remember that there is life after death, so in communication we can share experiences Spirit have witnessed here in the present”.

In this 2 day course, you will explore evidential mediumship in a very detailed way, pushing you to reach a higher level of mediumship. So together let’s bring the Spirits alive.


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